Facebook Marketing for B2B



Why B2B Businesses Need Facebook?


I see many business owners missing out on Facebook when doing their Marketing. Most B2B businesses have a presence on LinkedIn.

But if you study further, you'll find that Facebook Marketing has many benefits for B2B businesses.

Here are 3 great reasons why B2B businesses should also market on Facebook:


Biggest Size


Facebook is substantially larger than LinkedIn with Facebook having 1.79 billion monthly active users versus 106 million.

Facebook has the greater share of business decision makers—60 percent versus 22 percent for LinkedIn at last coun.

Facebook is definitely the social network that people spend the most time on.

If you're not reaching out to potential B2B prospects on Facebook then you're missing out on increasing your customer touchpoints.


Create Events


B2B businesses can create events on Facebook with it's event functions.

There is currently no such feature on Linkedin.

Prospects will be able to see the events you created in the Facebook feed.

This increases the visibility of your business events.


Facebook Ad Targeting


The Facebook Custom Audiences feature allow you to target those from your mailing lists.

This is a very powerful feature as it increases the marketing touch points.

We can remember that the more touch points, the higher chance of converting into a sale.


We can conclude that it's important to have a marketing presence on both LinkedIn and Facebook.

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