Why You Need to Advertise to Get Website Traffic to Your Business

Many business owners struggle to get Traffic Visitors to their website.

They would spend hours, days, weeks, months trying to get enough traffic visitors to their website and yet the results are not even good enough.

What is the secret to getting a lot of visitors to your website?

It's paid reach and advertising.

To get enough reach in a shorter time, simply advertise in the right online channels.

You can see that in the below image the blue line spends lesser on advertising than the orange line.

The orange line simply beat and Won the blue line in terms of the number of Website Visitor Sessions.

The orange line had advertised more and so had an awesome 1,141 website visitor sessions in a day as compared to the blue line which had only 278 website visitor sessions.

Here's some revealing questions and insights...

How much REACH would you need to get 1000 visitors to your website?

Remember that in my Course I teach that Reach is the number of people who see your brand/product before they come visit your website.

On average the conversion rate from Reach to Website Visitors is between 5% to 8%.

So if you need 1000 visitors, the fomula to calculate the Reach is (assuming a conversion rate of 5%):

Reach = Clicks Needed / Conversion Rate

Reach = 1000 / 0.05

Reach = 20000


The answer is you'll need a whopping 20,000 amount of Reach to get 1000 website visitors.

Now where are you going to get 20,000 amount of Reach?

This is exactly why I have setup my Advertising Agency here at Sgweb - helping business owners manage their online advertising.

Whether you want to Reach 20,000 or 100,000 people I can help you.

Simply get in touch with me, fill in the form below and I will get back to you:-

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