My Core Values:
Talent // Energy // Balance // Ideas


Below are my core values and the people I work or partner with.



I value our Talent and the People and Partners I work with together.
Always motivating and improving my talents.
By having happy talent, I hope to have happy customers 🙂


When we do things, we are aware of our energy levels.
I aim to have a positive energy level in the atmosphere of work and fun.
I use the AKT Success Formula as a guide towards success.
Energy = Engagement = Leadership


When I/We do things, I aim to have the right balance.


I value ideas from our talent, my partners and my customers /employers - whether it's small or big. Ideas have value.




I want to be the Top Services and Training Provider of Effective Marketing Solutions
making it easy for companies to integrate an effective marketing system.


Our People = Our Talent


I call our people, our Talent.
Because I believe each individual is unique and do have talent.
Sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to discover that talent.
If they are short of talent, we strive to develop them.
If they do have good talent, we strive to optimise their talent.
We strive to keep our Talent engaged and motivated,
keeping their energies positive for an overall positive atmosphere to work in.
Enabling them to develop Awesome marketing campaigns.


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